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Marc Brandeis

Areas of expertise
  • Audit defense
  • Credit and refund analysis
  • Letter rulings
  • Nexus reviews
  • Resale and exemptions certificate management
  • Single and multi-state taxability research
  • Voluntary disclosures
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • BA, University of California, Berkeley

Brandeis & Associates is a specialty sales and use tax consulting firm committed to providing quality professional services at affordable rates.

Marc Brandeis began his career as a Tax Auditor with the California State Board of Equalization in their Santa Ana district office in 1999.  During that time, he audited businesses in a variety of industries to ensure their compliance with sales and use tax laws and regulations.  In 2005, after receiving a promotion to Senior Tax Auditor, he left state service to work as a consultant in a “Big Four” public accounting firm.

In 2007, Marc founded Brandeis & Associates, a sales & use tax specialty consulting firm committed to leveraging his experience in sales tax laws, regulations, and audit procedures to solving the most complex sales and use tax problems.