how to tell real depression glass from reproduction

They both have the smooth rays on the foot. Many types of glass became popular during the Great Depression, as people looked for cheaper ways to decorate their homes without the high cost of crystal or pieces from Tiffany’s. If they are not identical then it is a reproduction. Now in our Twelfth Year, the Monthly depression glass Newsletter 'Hazel Atlas News' is Free to anyone interested in Hazel Atlas Depression Glass (members or non-members). This hasn't prevented it from being one of the most heavily collected Depression glass patterns of all time and, because of its popularity, the most reproduced pattern as well. still life glassware / glass image by Katrina Miller from, How to Identify Markings on the Bottom of Crystal Antiques, Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. has a free e-book available that will also help identify authentic depression glass. There are 3(ish) tell-tale signs that your depression glass is real: Bonus points if you find scratches! “Flaws” can add character to a piece and reproductions can … 2. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Depression Glass Secrets: Spotting Depression Glass Reproductions, National Depression Glass Association: A Depression Glass Primer, Depression Glass Antiques: Buying Depression Glass on eBay. Depression Glass Secrets: Patterns Identification. Depression Glass Secrets: A Question: What Is Depression Glass? Authentic depression glass comes in many colors and raised patterns. These are only generalizations, and should not be considered to be true in all cases. Hazel Atlas referred to this glass as sapphire blue, so if you see a heavy dark blue, it is probably fake. Compare the glass pattern and color with a reputable depression glass book, such as "Pocket Guide to Depression Glass & More (16th Edition)" by Gene and Cathy Florence. Many reproduction pieces will not be an exact match of the authentic piece. Imaginations run wild using the true oak wood ladders, racked around the sides from the pedal cars. Jeanette Glass – A Comprehensive History and Patterns Listing-The Jeanette Glass Company, like most companies who survived the Great Depression, has quite an interesting history. Obtained via premiums in cereal boxes, purchased in dime stores, and given away as prizes in movie theaters, the colorful glass brightened the lives of homemakers facing harsh economic times. If the piece is worth pursuing, send a query to the seller for additional details. Examine smooth portions of the glass for scratches. Depression glass was first produced in the late 1920s and was marketed to the average housewife. Usually, you can find a sticker that will identify a milk glass as Fenton glass. The color of the glass should have a medium blue hue, it should not be a heavy dark blue. We went antiquing and the Roadshow Antiques Market in Innisfil Beach today. Based in Richmond, Virginia, Ashley Baker has been writing helpful articles since 2007 with an emphasis in health and fitness as well as home and garden. 2, next page). There is no way a person can tell unless they have schooled themselves in this area. There is a feel to Depression Glass that is different from all other glass. Know the signs of authentic depression glass before you make a purchase. The two worst things you can do when collecting Galle vases is to pass on a good deal because you think the vase is fake, or buy something that you think is a good deal only to learn it is fake. The first new pieces of Recollection were easily identified because pieces were dated in the mold with the year "1976". Reproduction glass will not carry these imperfections. Examine the glass for wavy "straw-mark" ripples that appear on the bottom of some authentic depression glass.

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