how to get rid of paint thinner smell on concrete

The product is very effective at cleaning brushes, rollers and hands after a job, but boy does it stink! If you want to get rid of clean paint thinner… Our basement's water pump has been having an awful smell lately. Once you're done with that, apply a layer of concrete paint primer with a roller and let it dry. Read the label and use as directed. Wanted to update on the problem with the chemical smell on our concrete floor. Method 1 – Remove Paint from Concrete. etc. I have since washed about 15 times with each recommendation above and yet the smell remains. Steps to follow: 1. It is completely offensive to the sinuses is liable to stop you dead in your tracks. Paint smells will go away in time, but the smell of paint in a wall can linger for months and irritate the noses of people with a keen sense of smell. This product is a powder that is a combination of borax and soap. Learn about eight eco-friendly products you can use to get rid of the fumes. Hello, The smell has seeped up into the floors above, especially the kitchen which is right on top of that part of the basement. I think it's also made it's way into the carpet on … If possible, leave the baking soda and oil on the floor overnight. High humidity in the air slows the drying process and paint emits the strongest odor while being applied and waiting to dry. Your site saved the day. Note: If you're working outdoors or in a detached garage (with the door open) and want fast results, you can use a methylene chloride-type stripper. I sprayed it all over the granite countertop… is it taking the sealer off the granite? I took a paper towel and rubbed it in all over the floor twice and also put some down the drain. It is basically a solvent that thins oil-based paint to the desired consistency so it can be applied easily and cleaned up. It is important to remove the damp smell and prevent it from coming back. Your email address will not be published. //

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