Brandeis & Associates
Sales and Use Tax Consultants
Brandeis & Associates is a specialty sales and use tax consulting firm committed to providing quality professional services at affordable rates. 

Our firm only uses consulting professionals with prior state tax auditor and "Big 4" public accounting experience.  A professional with that degree of experience can offset the enormous advantage that the state auditor has over the taxpayer with regards to knowledge of laws, regulations and audit procedures and policies.

Most states, including California, are suffering under enormous budget deficits and as a result, are using aggressive tactics to raise revenue.  State auditors and collectors do not care how their demands for records impose a significant burden on a business's accounting staff.  In fact, a business that fails to respond timely to an auditor's demands may be hit with unreasonable assessments which include tax, penalty, and interest on disputed amounts.  Our consultants will level the playing field to your advantage.

At Brandeis & Associates we only provide sales and use tax consulting services.  That's why attorneys, CPA's, enrolled agents, and other tax and accounting professionals leverage our experience to supplement the services they provide to their clients. 
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